How to install JDBC Driver on Windows Server


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Hello everyone,

i will install the JDBC Driver on a Windows Server 2016 SQL.
I cant found any Installation Guide to do this.

This Guide:
is absolutly not usable for Windows Server.

I have download the .jar File, and now?

Can anybody help me.

Thank you!

(Andrei Stefan) #2

Hi @TheOnlyOne,

The .jar usage (not installation) doesn't depend on an operating system. It is meant to be used either in a Java application or in a database visualizer tool (for example, DBVisualizer) where your own Java code can make use of the Java classes from the JDBC driver we provide, or a third party tool can use the driver in a standardized way (the JDBC spec) to access Elasticsearch.

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Are you specifically looking for the JDBC usage or want to give Elasticsearch-SQL a go (with or without JDBC)?

(Alex) #4

I would like to use / test Elasticsearch-SQL. For this I would like to query a Windows SQL server

(Andrei Stefan) #5

The JDBC drivers (not only ours) are specific to a certain database type. So Elasticsearch-SQL JDBC driver will "talk" to an Elasticsearch cluster only. It's like an interface that translates SQL queries to Elasticsearch queries.

If you'd like to test Elasticsearch-SQL, you could just send REST request (using curl for example) to Elasticsearch using the SQL API. Alternatively, if you'd like just to play with some data without setting up Elasticsearch yourself, you could start with There is some preloaded data in there and from the main page you could click on Query it button from the Elasticsearch SQL box in the welcome page.

(Alex) #6

Oh my god is complicated elasticstack. Splunk is much easier. OK then I'll try it over the restAPI.
Your instructions are only for professionals. Where do I enter the remote address of the SQL Server? What needs to be changed on a Windows SQL Server for the request?

(Andrei Stefan) #7

I'm sorry if I implied something else, but our JDBC driver works only with Elasticsearch. The same goes for other JDBC drivers created by other providers for their own data bases (MySQL has its own jdbc driver, SQL server the same etc).

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