Elastic search stack upgradation on Kubernetes

Dear Techies,

I am planning to upgrade EFK stack to upgrade on Kubernetes, while reading the blogs before upgradation I get to know about EFK stack should be upgrade on same version.
At present version we are running on 6.6. Now we are planning to upgrade to 6.8 version,

We have deployed elastic search as statefull application , before upgrade we are taking the back up of pv.
we are running elastic search shard like below structure.
Master node: 1
data node: 4
Ingest: 2
What else I can take care about while upgrading stack for elastic search?
Is there any issues will happen on index's after upgrading (I can only see re indexing for before 6 versions )?

Can i upgrade 6.x to 7.x ?

Mostly i got proper documents for dedicated instances upgradation, your inputs will be helps more to drive success fully. Any blogs recommendation would be more helpful.

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