Elastic search storage suggestions for production setup

(banupriya) #1

Total server for live(front-end application search) servers is 8 and batch(bulk request is sent from a file) server is 8. Total current batch capacity of 120-140M batch inquiries per day and approx. 1 M live inquiries per day.

This capacity will grow to about 200 M per day for batch and live could be from 1-5 M per day. The index size is 250M.

What are the numbers required for the below, 1. Storage - 2. number of servers for Elastic - 3. RAM on each server - 4. number of CPUs - 5. Load distribution – how many nodes to allocate for batch volumes, how many for live -

(Mark Walkom) #2

Depends on many things we aren't aware of.

What version? What OS? What do the queries look like? What does the mapping look like? What does a batch entail, how large is it? How much data is that?

(system) #3