Elastic search wildcard search space issue

Consider index field " ProductName " having the value " dove 3.75oz " and when user searches for "dove 3.75oz" text below bool query is working fine to retreive the document:

{"bool":{"must":[{"wildcard":{"ProductName":{"value":" dove "}}},{"wildcard":{"ProductName":{"value":" 3.75oz "}}}]}}

If user searches for "dove 3.75 oz" ( Space between "3.75" and "oz" ) the bool query is failing to retrieve the same document:

{"bool":{"must":[{"wildcard":{"ProductName":{"value":" dove "}}},{"wildcard":{"ProductName":{"value":" 3.75 oz "}}}]}}

Question: How to design a query using a wildcard query that supports space or no spaces? Please share an example.

The key here is not so much about the search, but getting the part to store the data right. I highly encourage you to read about Analysis as this is crucial to get a good search up and running.

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