Elastic search with XPack on Azure K8S

I have few queries regarding setting up ES on kubernetes as we are currently facing issues while enabling basic security in our 3 master, 2 data and 2 client node configuration

  1. Is the helm chart stable/elasticsearch supported for version 6.8.4 or 7.4.2?
  2. How can we leverage the user authentication available as a part of basic license by setting Xpack. enabled: true option? Currently using the default settings ( 3 master and 2 data nodes and 2 client), we are not able to get either pods in ready state. On disabling the xpack.enabled option, everything works as normal.
  3. Are there any other settings apart from xpack.enabled: true, to allow the statefulsets to function as expected?
  4. Is there a provision to allow the inbuilt user secrets created using Kubernetes secrets? How can we ensure that the values of these secrets are known to ES administrators?
  5. In case I want to replace the existing chart with elastic’s helm chart (as mentioned in the pre deprecation notice), how can we make sure to deploy the data nodes? Currently I am not able to see a stateful set for data nodes or any configuration.

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As you can see in https://discuss.elastic.co/c/infrastructure, this is about :

Everything related to the Infrastructure app – Filebeat and Metricbeat, modules, Kibana dashboards, and using the Kibana Infrastructure app.

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Hi @siddheshb,
https://github.com/helm/charts/tree/master/stable/elasticsearch isn't managed by Elastic.
You should address your questions about this chart to https://github.com/helm/charts/issues.

https://github.com/elastic/helm-charts/tree/master/elasticsearch is the one supported by Elastic. It has just been tested and updated for 6.8.5 and 7.4.2 (elasticsearch#compatibility). 7.4.2 is the default version deployed by helm chart, you can deploy another version by setting imageTag value (example: helm install --name elasticsearch elastic/elasticsearch --set imageTag=6.8.5).

You can find an example of deploying Elasticsearch with authentication using Elastic helm chart in helm-charts/elasticsearch/examples/security.

With Elastic helm chart, each group of node is deployed separately in a different chart release.
You can find an example with migration from stable/elasticsearch chart instruction in helm-charts/elasticsearch/examples/migration.

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