Elastic SIEM - Adding more data

HI There,

Iam Elastic's SIEM for security analysis, but I would like to know if can add other datas to SIEM app, for example there are many logs sources sends syslog to my logstash .Can I have those logs as well in my Elastic SIEM. Because if i click on add data on the SIEM app it gives me only few options.

Any help would be really appreciable.


Hi Raj_Kumar,

If you want to add a new data source to the SIEM which you created what you want to do is to ensure you format your data in your index to be the ECS format:

Add then add that index to your advanced settings to siem:defaultIndex here:

Ensure to format as many of your ECS fields as you can for each of the UI pieces to pick it up.

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