Elastic Stack 7.9.3 on Raspberry Pi 4

Hello all,

I have just successfully deployed the Elastic Stack to a Raspberry Pi 4 Ubuntu20.04 environment.
Obviously Elasticsearch is supported so that was a breeze, the tricky part was Kibana as it doesn't have an official Arm release.
TLDR the version of node.js Kibana ships with needs replacing with the arm64 version.

I am just carrying out some testing but once done I will release a guide (On this topic) with the steps I took so anyone interested in using a similar setup can follow along.

This will make a great home SIEM as well as provide overall network visibility.

Stick around :slight_smile:



Happy to proof read you guide, as I have struggling to get Version 7 workning on my pi 4.

Hi All,

Sorry for the delay.
I have made a new post where I will post updates, found here - Elastic Stack on Raspberry Pi

Many thanks


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