Elastic Stack Commercial License variants


I would like to receive information about the use of Elasticsearch, Kibana, Filebeat and APM (in versions above 8) for commercial purposes.

In which version of the license it is possible to provide customers with a preview of the data: APM traces and Filebeat logs in Kibana.

Can I ask for a detailed description of the license versions and the costs that should be incurred to make this functionality possible? Which license allows this?

Thanks a lot

Hi @Mikele

It is not quite clear what you are asking for.

First I would look at the features vs license levels

Next Elastic does not provide license costs on this forum.

Please reach out to sales / contact for self managed pricing

3rd it is unclear if you want to provide the Elastic Stack / Kibana as an Service to your customer as a Service Provider or OEM... If that is your intention please be clear with sales.

Contact Sales

Hi @stephenb

Our company sells its software as a product for our customers. ERP software and others. We sell them together with the maintenance and support service. Our internal DevOps teams monitor the behavior of these applications and logs using Elasticsearch, Kibana, APM, Filebeat for their own use. But the client does not see this observability nor does IT monitoring either. It is only for our internal needs.

And now hypothetically: The client would also like to have access to these DevOps tools. Access Kibana and see the logs and also view our IT monitoring and observability. In this scenario, we would sell the software to the client along with maintenance and IT monitoring services in Elastic Stack.

Is an additional license required in this situation, and if so, what kind?

Hi @Mikele
You definitely need to reach out to sales and talk to them directly. We do not answer those kind of questions in this forum.

Initially it looks like you're talking about OEM elastic, so you definitely need to talk to sales

Ok. Thanks

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