Elastic stack on Azure

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The first thing i noticed was that Logstash is missing from the ARM template. Is there any particular reason why? Can anyone point me to a resource as to how I could deploy Logstash on Azure?

I am new to deploying applications to the cloud. Therefore my easiest bet was to use the Elastic stack ARM template. I could set everything up including an external load balancer and public IP addresses. However when I now send a curl request to get health information of the cluster, I get an authentication error.

I remember setting up user roles while deploying the stack on Azure, however, I am not sure of the credentials anymore. Is there a way to change these credentials at this point of the deployment?

Thanks in advance.

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@sanketshinde I moved this over to Logstash forums.

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No updates yet, anyone ?

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Any takes on this from the Elastic gentlemen?

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