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I wanted to purchase some Elastic Swag, so I can follow my dream of shameless promotion of Elasticsearch. I was dismayed to find that I could not get through the cart without having to pick the $10 up sell of the Gift wrap. I think perhaps the use case of people shamelessly buying these products for themselves was not explored in its entirety. How can I purchase some swag from the store? It gets caught in a loop and will not let me pay for my order.
Thank you Moderator for redirecting this to the appropriate board or authorities.
The faithful.

Let me chase that up for you.

Hi, I'm sorry for this inconvenience. I help maintain the Elastic swag store. I've emailed the technical team to look into this as this should not be happening. In the meantime, can you please email me at luisa@elastic.co with what you were trying to purchase? I can help you put the order through.

I’m wondering if it might have been some kind of browser Issue, I did not test a different browser but ya.

Thank you !!!

I took a screen shot.

I don't think its a browser issue. I tested it myself and the same thing is happening. I will need your shipping info etc in order to place the order otherwise, I can notify you once the issue has been addressed. Feel free to email your personal information directly to me, if you want to go that route.

Yea just notify me when its ok to use there is no rush on this. Then you don’t have to deal with my shipping and CC info.

Thank you so much!

Have an Awesome Day!

It's been fixed! Please go ahead and try placing the order at your convenience.

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