I need some help, in ElasticHQ there is a button "Query", when I click it I get such interface:

indices look like winlogbeat-2016.08.22, winlogbeat-2016.08.21 and so on, I would like to use a "Search Query ..." but I don't know how to use it. I was searching a sample in the Internet but I failed, could you give me a sample?

Since ElasticHQ is a third party plugin, I'd recommend asking on the ElasticHQ community forums.


HQ is fine to trace out some stats of ElasticCluster . For querying purpose you can use head plugin it will provide a gui for search operations to make our searh process easy.

The following will work for ES v 1.5.2 you can choose plugin based on your es version.

query using sql which will give json query as well.

./bin/plugin -u https://github.com/NLPchina/elasticsearch-sql/releases/download/1.4.9/elasticsearch-sql-1.4.9.zip --install sql

head installation:

/plugin -install mobz/elasticsearch-head/1.x

you can access :9200/_plugin/head


looks good, thank you.

There's also Sense if you're looking for an in browser query UI. The great feature of sense is that it provides context aware intellisense (autocompletion of query properties). It can be installed as a plugin in Kibana.

when I can access :9200/_plugin/head there is a tab Any Request, there is

my question is, how to build a query to get any results?

That depends on what type of query you need to do :wink: I'd suggest starting with Sense because the autocompletion will help you to learn the different queries, their parameters, and the syntax for them.

I'm just reading about Sense and it looks a little bit helpfull

Hi Zen,

I am using es version 1.5.2 and head it will be look like following.

head version is head 1.x. using structured query tab you can directly query es to get desired result.


Hi Phani,
this tab that you show I understand how to use, but there is other one Any Request and this one I don't understand, maybe you know how to use it?