ElasticMARC - DMARC Aggregate Report Analysis

Here's a solution I developed to ingest DMARC Aggregate reports. It's primarily aimed at Windows but if someone wants to collaborate to get the PowerShell functions ported into an OS agnostic language or a separate process that works on Linux, let me know.


Awesome stuff, thanks for sharing this!

I note that you say there is no installer for the stack, which is correct, but have you seen the Elasticsearch MSI installer?

lol, does seeing the download link count? I was aware when I wrote the guide that the MSI for Elasticsearch existed, but I was trying to keep the guide simple and, since I never used it, I wasn't aware of the process. I also thought it might start getting muddy and/or confusing if I tried to explain all the different ways you could install the different applications.

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Yeah, makes sense :slight_smile:

Just realized I have this posted in the wrong sub-forum. Can a mod move it to the appropriate place?

Where do you want to move it? In #annoucements:community-ecosystem

I was thinking Ecosystem was the appropriate place, is that wrong?

I moved it. LMK if it's not ok.