Elastics Syntherics Push 800KB limit


I've setup an elastics synthetics project but when I import

Then there is an error while pushing it using the cmd:
npx @elastic/synthetics push
Error Message:
Error: You have monitors whose size exceeds the 800KB limit.

This error shows up only if I import that library (@playwright/test) in the journey.ts because I managed to push a 30 KB journey.ts file without any issues

Do you have any workaround about this?

Thank you

Hello @Bill_Voudouris , Welcome to Elastic community forum.

I don't think there is any workaround to size limit. From playwright you can try importing the specific module. Like devices in this case?
Or maybe you can just copy whole json file locally and use that https://github.com/microsoft/playwright/blob/main/packages/playwright-core/src/server/deviceDescriptorsSource.json


Hello @shahzad31 , thank you for your reply.

For now I have changed the project to structure to have different project folders with it's synthetics.config.ts so the module is not imported in the journey and it works.

Thank you

i am glad to hear that @Bill_Voudouris , we are planing to at least double the limit.
And also reexport devices from our Syntethics package.


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