ElasticSearc.net v6.3.1 missing functionality for "GET _xpack/sql"


(Arcadix Infotech Pvt.Ltd) #1

ElasticLowLevelClient class from the nuget package "ElasticSearc.net " doesnt provide the functionality to perform "GET _xpack/sql" in C#(We are using visual studio 2017).
Please guide us...............

(Russ Cam) #2

Hey @aneesh

There's an open PR to add SQL methods in the next client release, which we're working to get out as soon as possible.

(Arcadix Infotech Pvt.Ltd) #3

Hey Russ Cam

Can you tell the approximate release date please.....?

(Russ Cam) #4

I can't give you a release date unfortunately, but getting a new version of the client out is a high priority.

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