Is Elasticsearch SQL going to be in XPack?

Hi all,

I'd love to be able to use the beta Elasticsearch SQL functionality but I don't want to waste time developing around something that we won't be able to afford should it only be released post-beta in the XPack.

I've struggled to find any details on the Elastic's intentions for Elasticsearch SQL but I assume the api url being prefixed with _xpack suggests this will be the case. I suspect a lot of people will waste time developing stuff with it only for it to be made unavailable by the high cost of the XPack...

Can someone confirm or at least detail what the current intentions are?

Have a look at
And click on Management & Tooling in Elasticsearch.

You'll see:


So it depends on what you are going to use.

Ah, thanks @dadoonet!

I just want to query my Elasticsearch objects using SQL with some searching, filtering and grouping...
Most of the queries will come from .net but our customers may wish to use BI tools as well.

Is there somewhere I can learn what Elasticsearch SQL functions require the interpreter CLI and which require the JDBC client?

Think about JDBC as a Driver. ie. you want to integrate with your [NAME YOUR PREFERRED TOOL HERE] like a BI tool you mentioned and you'll need something like jdbc/odbc drivers.

For the rest, ie call the http endpoint http://elasticsearch:9200/_xpack/sql then the basic license allows it. For example Kibana Canvas will use that endpoint.

Thanks @dadoonet for the straight forward explanation and prompt replies :slight_smile: .

It sounds like we can use it for what we want it for and that if Clients want to use BI tools we'll have to talk them into buying the XPack.

That's good news!

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