ElasticSearch 1.4.4 Windows 2012 "system cannot find file specified"

I'm probably missing something fundamental, but....

I've inherited a Sugar CRM server that requires ElasticSearch (1.4.4) installed. I pulled down the ZIP file, put it in directory, and ran the elasticsearch.bat as the instructions. I get "The system cannot find the path specified". I removed the @echo off from the batch file. The offending line is:

CALL "%~dp0elasticsearch.in.bat"

The path is most definitely correct. I tried replacing is with "C:\ElasticSearch\Bin\elasticsearch.in.bat". Same message.

Is there something different about CALL in Windows 2012 that I'm missing?

Anyone else seen this sort of thing? I did a search in the forums and didn't find anything.



JAVA_HOME was set incorrectly. Wasn't the CALL statement at all.


You should really upgrade, 1.4.4 is super old and no longer supported on any level.