Elasticsearch 1.7.0 has authentication at all?

Hello all,

I have received an e-mail from the security department that one of the machines which is under my administration has a basic authentication on Elasticsearch.

I have checked the respective Elasticsearch instance's version and its quite old, its turn out to be 1.7.0.

I have been searching how to change basic auth on respective version for several days, but I couldn't find anything. Under the /bin folder there is no users.bat file so useradd commands do not work. The only authentication is found belongs to respective instance's windows service authentication, but what I need to update is its internet users.

I have found a plugin called Search Guard, but its oldest supported version is also 6.4.0.

So, I just wanted to be sure whether it is possible to set/update internet users for elastic 1.7.0?

Elasticsearch 1.7 is very, very old and did not have any built in security. Elastic offered a commercial plugin and there were a few third party offerings. I believe SearchGuard was one of them. As this version is so old and has been EOL for many years, I would expect any plugins for that version to be unavailable or unsupported.

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Elasticsearch 1.7 is EOL and no longer supported. Please upgrade ASAP.

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As Christian mentioned, you are very much out of luck with that unless you use something 3rd party, even nginx would work. 1.7 was released in 2015, so it's now all but 8 years old!

Which 3rd party solution? Even Search Guard doesn't support version 1.7.0.

I do not think there are any 3rd party solutions that still support such an old version.

Nginx is a 3rd party in this context.

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