Elasticsearch is asking for authentication after running .bat file

I am trying elasticsearch for the first time but when i hit http://localhost:9200 it is asking me to authenticate using username and password.
how do i get rid of it.


What did you install? Exactly how did you install it?

Same issue,
I downloaded the zip file of elasticsearch and i run elasticsearch.bat in bin folder,
but when i access 9200 it asks me to authenticate.

That sounds strange. From which URL did you download elasticsearch? Can you share the logs? (Formatted please with </>)

It is asking for authentication when running on 9200 how to get through this

What version did you download? There is no security out of the box unless you activate it I think. (Not sure for windows distribution though)

Oh yea... developersfucked sth up heavily and now they point middle finger at users.... just because they have no fucking . clue whats going on, but they call themselves developers..... fuckers.....

Shame on them, on ES, on FOSS world (as they - to some extend - represent whole FOSS). And they are rude when being contacted via mail....,.

Not to mention they doo their best to steal your money...... supposedly you owe them foor cloud (or other shit)......

@dadoonet Dont be so surprised by the fact that users dont know where to download from - there are many download links on your website and they (users) are somehow lost.......

Its on purpose - the only purpose is to steal money from users:: that whats called:: you have to pay twice :: first for external cloud (and their added cost like traffic, bandwitch, storage etc) and secoond payment is subscription to ES service. You claim that one payment is enough :: no its not. So, you steal from users. Simple as that.

Sorry. Did you provide any helpful information to the user question?
I wish you did as a community member helping others.
I have hard time to understand what you are doing on this forum if you don't like what we are building, how we are building it and not providing any help to users.

If anyone else is having hard time to find the download links, please start from https://www.elastic.co/

Click on downloads. It will open: Download Elastic Products | Elastic

Click on Download under Elasticsearch. It will open: Download Elasticsearch | Elastic

Pick the version you need.



You are on Mac :slight_smile: Thats nice :slight_smile: welcome in Apple ecosystem :slight_smile:

As per your question :: Im here for what forums are all about :: to become vocal aboout sth :slight_smile: Im allowed to

And hell yes -> I dislike ES very very much.... Im not saying that ES is useless for everyone; its just that Id do it differently (=using differnt IT resources).

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