Elasticsearch 2.2.0 Jar hell issues while installing plugin

I get the following error when I try to install native plugin. It would be very helpful if anyone can provide solution for this issue. Thanks in advance.

ERROR: java.lang.IllegalStateException: jar hell!
class: org.joda.convert.FromString
jar1: /usr/share/elasticsearch/lib/joda-convert-1.2.jar
jar2: /tmp/6334953224315028805/temp_name209461586/joda-convert-1.2.jar

Remove Joda convert from your plugin.

No, I'm not using Joda convert in my plugin. The elasticsearch dependency uses these jars.

I don't know how you build your plugin.

I'm using Maven on my side and I declare elasticsearch as provided so it's not included in the file ZIP neither its dependencies.

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Yes, I missed it, code had compile scope. You saved my time. Thanks a lot @dadoonet!