Elasticsearch 2.4.5 Very slow updates of date fields

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I am having a problem with updates of date fields using bulk updates with upsert.

I am running bulk of 2000 docs (may be same documents in the same bulk to be updated).
and it takes a long long time to accomplish this.

For example:
{"update":{"_index":"aggregation","_type":"white alert","_id":"17431860217888512827","_retry_on_conflict":5}}
{"script":"ctx._source.count+=2;ctx._source.last_alert_timestamp='2017-09-25T15:41:04.58Z';ctx._source.reason=(ctx._source.reason+ ['Unknown Entity']).unique();","upsert":{"source":{"//eth//source_address":"00:10:bg:ff:10:02","//ip//src_meaning":"","//iec104//src_asdu_addr":"162"},"destination":{"//eth//destination_address":"5c:58:fc:b5:01:ee","//ip//dst_meaning":""},"count":2,"read":0,"status":"new","archive":0,"protocol":"xxx","reason":["Unknown Entity"],"bbx_name":"","first_alert_timestamp":"2017-09-25T15:41:04.57Z","last_alert_timestamp":"2017-09-25T15:41:04.58Z"}}

if i do the same but remove the bold part of the date update all bulk finished within seconds otherwise it run for minutes.

i work with index with 5 shards, ES version is 2.4.5.

Does anybody has any idea what can i do? or what cause the problem.

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