Elasticsearch: 2-node cluster with failover

I am using Elasticsearch 1.5.2 and trying to setup a 2-node cluster. These 2 nodes are primarily for failover strategy (if any one node goes down, the other one is still there to handle requests), I don't need to divide primary shards or something like that, (total data is no more than 500mb on hard-disk).

Everything goes well, until Split Brains thing kicks in. Now, since I don't have much data, I don't feel any requirement of 3 nodes. And I want to have failover mechanism too. Which means, discovery.zen.minimum_master_nodes cannot be more than 1.

Now, I have two questions:

  1. Is there any configuration possible, which could overcome 2 master nodes or Split Brains problem?
  2. If not, what all other options do I have to make it work? Like, keeping both in different clusters (one online, other one offline) and updating offline with online, time to time, for the time when online cluster goes down. Or, do I have to go for 3-node cluster?

I am going on production environment. Please help.

Env Info: Two machines (VMWare driven), having 4 cores, 8gb RAM and CentOS. We are firing 7-8 queries (1 _search and other _count) per search. Indexing op won't be very frequent (until we sync existing indices from DB through _bulk API), but searching is going to be quite frequent.