How to setup 2 Node Cluster

Hi everybody, i've got a question concerning a project we're doing currently where the customer is only willing to use his existing 2 VM's for an Elastic cluster which concerns me a little bit - normally we use 3+ nodes for a cluster but 2 nodes? We are using it for testresults which are only needed for a year or so but my question is, how to setup a 2 node cluster on two machines then? One Master and one Data Node with daily snapshots? The thing is that, from what i understand, a two node cluster ist not for failover in case one node fails but just usable as a redundancy for the indices - right? Maybe someone has a clue about how to run such a system setup? Thanx in advance! Greetings Andy

That's going against the best practices.

It means that if one node fails or there's a network disconnection, the cluster will be blocked or you will suffer from a split brain.


To be sure that the cluster remains available you must not stop half or more of the nodes in the voting configuration at the same time . As long as more than half of the voting nodes are available the cluster can still work normally.

Thank you David for your fast response, i totally agree and the thing is ... am i right to say that there is no benefit from 2 nodes an in this case we should stick to one node and doing snapshots? We really tried hard to convince the customer for a 3 node cluster ... but no way ... really, really strange ...

Have a look at this section in the docs.

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That's it, thank you Christian, i definitly missed this document. Thanks for your reply! Kind regards Andy

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