Is it fine to have a 2 node cluster for Elastic Search?


One of the person said that he uses 2 node cluster for Elastic Search and he has set both the nodes to master and it does the job. Is this a feasible way of doing it ?

I've seen in Red Hat Cluster that they have 2 node cluster which works fine.

Having two master-eligible nodes works, but you might end up in a split brain situation which can be quite tedious to recover from. An odd number of master-eligible nodes is preferable.

Agreed. It technically works, but is not recommended at all. If I were standing up a small cluster, I would either have a single node, or jump immediately to three nodes so that you can have a useful quorum size.

A cluster of two nodes is just asking for problems in my opinion.

+1. If you really want it to be 2-nodes, make one of the nodes only master (though u will have single point of failure) and both nodes as data nodes. :smile:

Just go with 3 nodes and be safe :slight_smile:

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