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Can't retrieve the maven dependency to 6.1.0 as yet.


(Jason Tedor) #2

It's there, and has been for several hours. Are you sure that you're hitting Maven Central?

(Sergei Dauletau) #3

I am getting an error when trying to build a plugin.

Could not find org.elasticsearch:elasticsearch-cli:6.1.0.
Searched in the following locations:
Required by:
project : > org.elasticsearch:elasticsearch:6.1.0

(Michael Basnight) #4

@sdauletau there is definitely an issue here. We did not publish this (on accident) to maven central and we are working on a resolution. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.


No. I've been working against https://mvnrepository.com/artifact/org.elasticsearch/elasticsearch which was current up to 6.0.1


(Jason Tedor) #6

Just an update on this issue. The elasticsearch-cli and mapper-extras artifacts that were missing have been uploaded. We are still working on some additional issues that we have discovered in the process.

(Jason Tedor) #7

We do not support mvnrepository, sorry, it's a third-party non-official Maven repository that is slow to mirror and serves ads. We will happily support the official Maven Central.

(Jason Tedor) #8

We believe that all issues are fixed here. If you encounter any additional issues with the Maven artifacts for 6.1.0, please open an issue on GitHub.


Thanks Jason. Looking good

(system) #11

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