is not available

I tried to get shield for transport client, but found that is available?
Anyone have similar problem?

The site is down for me as well. I try to download org.elasticsearch.plugin:shield:2.3.5. is the

I have the same issue since yesterday. Any update on this?

Hi @elastic team,

do you have any updates on this?

Laszlo Budai

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Hello @cjcenizal or @ikakavas or @TimV or @bhavyarm anyone could help us?


Still waiting an update on this.
I found a way around by using this repo:
At least until the issue is solved.

I'm very sorry for the delay and inconvience. That host was a loosely supported service that we didn't have properly provisioned. We've published the artifacts to a better home at

So you should now be able to do something like this. Let us know if you have any more trouble!

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