/elasticsearch-6.4.0-SNAPSHOT.tar.gz failed, reason: connect ECONNREFUSED

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if I start yarn es snapshot I get an error message: /elasticsearch-6.4.0-SNAPSHOT.tar.gz failed, reason: connect ECONNREFUSED

I checkted the proxy settings and did everything like described in the manual. But I can not find the problem. Please help.

Initial setup:

start elasticserach: (here is the error)

I also restarted the server but it hat no effect.

proxy settings are correct, I can download files with npm and yarn (please see below)
using cntlm

npm proxy test:

yarn proxy test:

Edit: I also deactivated cntlm and used yast proxy settings - with the same result.

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Not sure why you are having problems downloading the 6.4 elasticsearch snapshot but you could work around the problem by running elasticsearch from source.

Clone the elasticsearch project in a sibling directory to your kibana directy. Checkout 6.x branch. Then, in the kibana directory start elasticsearch with the command yarn es source.

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After a debugg session I found a node.js class that is using the http module without any proxy configuration.

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