Elasticsearch 6.4.1 - Configuring X-pack on CentOS7 x64 Issue


I've installed Elasticsearch 6.4.1 and installed Kibana 6.4.1 Logstash 6.4.1, Packetbeat 6.4.1, and Filebeat 6.4.1 on our CentOS 7 x64 VMware VM. Reviewing the documentation on how to secure Elasticsearch here: https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/x-pack/6.2/security-getting-started.html#security-getting-started I started doing this because I was trying to integrate Packetbeat into Elasticsearch as was noted here: https://www.elastic.co/videos/getting-started-with-packetbeat?baymax=rtp&storm=beats&elektra=product&iesrc=ctr that Packetbeat would show up in the Kibana window, but it did not so I found that X-pack needed to be configured. Is this correct?

So I attempted to install an older version of X-Pack (6.2.4), because I didn't note that the page I was taken to gave me a different version. I subsequently received the 'ERROR: This plugin was built with an older plugin structure. Contact the plugin author to remove the intermediate "elasticsearch: directory within the plugin zip.' so I found that this will not work. Is it correct that Elasticsearch 6.4.1 has X-pack integrated? Also, please advise on what I need to do with X-pack if it is integrated so I can get Packetbeat working within Kibana.

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Eloy Sanchez


our documentation is versioned and we recommend to read the documentation for the version that you are using (you are referring to the docs for version 6.2). X-Pack has been included by default into the Elastic Stack with version 6.3.0, i.e. there is no need to install X-Pack separately anymore. Out of the box, you'll have a basic license which provides access to some but not all features (see the subscriptions page for details). If you want to use commercial features you still need to obtain a commercial license or use a trial license and try them during the trial period.

For Packetbeat or Kibana-specific questions I suggest you ask in the respective forums.


Edit: I have clarified the wording about the inclusion of X-Pack into the default distribution of the Elastic Stack from version 6.3.0 on.

Hello Daniel,

We are doing development work to find out if Elasticsearch/Kibana/Logstash/FileBeat/Packetbeat are the solution we will use. But I first need to get it all properly configured to start testing.

So my main issue at the moment is that X-Pack does not seem to be integrated. I would like to change the default “elastic” password of “changeme”. According to this page, I need to first configure security in Elasticsearch:

On the referenced page,
I then need to “Verify that you are using a license that includes the X-Pack security feature.”

In your reply below, x-pack is now open-source and is included. Do I need to start the 30-day trial to use X-pack? Please advise what I need to do next to get x-pack to allow me to update passwords and perform other security-related features to help me get Elastic up and running.

Thank you,

Eloy Sanchez

Raytheon Engineering

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Daniel's statement is unfortunately incorrect. While we have opened up the code for X-Pack and now include it in our default distribution together with a free Basic license, the whole code base has not been open-sourced. This is described in further detail in this blog post. The parts of X-Pack not included in the free Basic license therefore still requires a commercial or trial license, and you can find a list of features and levels here.


Thank you for that clarification. This will help me moving forward with our development efforts as we decide which features are required.

Eloy Sanchez

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