Elasticsearch 6.5.4 - Can we force Index creation on specific data node?


I am trying to restore an index dump into Elastic. I am creating an index with 1 shard and 2 replica. I have 6 data nodes in my prod cluster. Is there a way can i force the index creation on particular 3 data nodes because i have less disk space in other 3 data nodes ?

I am using the below elasticdump command to restore the dump. I am running on a data node but shard/replicas are creating in some other nodes which i am not expecting.

elasticdump --input=/usr/local/ecomm/data/index.json --output=http://localhost:9200 --type=data --limit=2000 --quiet=true --ignore-errors=true --timeout= 2000 --offset=1 --noRefresh

Can you please suggest a way to do it. Thanks in advance !!!

@Sathish_kumar_Marimu Index-level shard allocation filtering would help https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/current/shard-allocation-filtering.html

You shouldn't need to do anything special. Elasticsearch will create the shards where it sees fit and by default will move them onto nodes with more space if needed.

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