Elasticsearch 6.8.12 & Magento 2.3.4

Hi, I was told to by your User Success Manager to ask for help in this forum regarding issues with using Elasticsearch and Magento 2.

The problem:

The test of the connection fails in Magento 2 (test fails in backend) when I have chosen the Elasticsearch6+ engine in the adminpanel of magento. I have used the information from the endpoint that i got from Elasticsearch (the hosting URL and port is verified as working). So I need some guidance here, I am using the free trial version with Elastic Stack at the moment.

Further details:

Elasticsearch 6+ as search engine

Magento 2 version is Magento 2.3.4

Using Elasticsearch (Elastic stack v6.8.12)

I was told there is some known issues with Magento 2 and Elasticsearch. I hope you can help me out.

May be @Aurelien_Foucret1 could help?

Hi is there any updates? I believe my free trial expires tomorrow.

Do you mean Elastic Cloud trial?

Elasticsearch trial yes, but that is okey, I will solve that. I just need this to work so I can move forward with my development. Thank you.

Sorry, it is 2.3.4

Update: I updated to Magento version 2.3.5. When testing in backend I get this message: " Attention No alive nodes found in your cluster"

And when I redindexing I can see: "Could not ping search engine: No alive nodes found in your cluster"

@Aurelien_Foucret1 are you available for help?

No one is available for help?

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