Magento 2.4 to web hosting sites (NO ELASTICSEARCH)

I suppose that you can give some help

Shorty - Could you let me know how install Magento 2.4 to web hosting sites (like Siteground) where this elasticsearch is not supported? Is this a dead end for Magento or is there any solutions?

All advices are welcome.

"Could not validate a connection to Elasticsearch. No alive nodes found in your cluster"

Hey @larzu,

Have you seen this blog post: Elastic App Search Adobe Magento module beta release | Elastic Blog? It's a pretty good write up of the Elastic App Search Magento module. Note that you can host your Elastic Stack cluster wherever works best for you.

Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with Siteground or whether it poses any technical roadblock here. You may want to reach out to their support as well.

I hope that helps!