Elasticsearch 7.10.0 not start Ubuntu 20.04

My elasticsearch 7.8.1 on my laptop was automatically updated to 7.10.0. I wanted to roll back to the previous version and now I have messed up. Elasticsearch does not even start successfully.

Anybody knows how to completely clean up and install ES 7.8.1 again? Please help.

What OS are you running?

Ubuntu 20.04

Did you use the deb or the apt repo?

I belive it is apt since I used sudo apt-install

Then you can use apt-get remove or purge to remove things, then reinstall.

To purge the old settings and installation: sudo apt-get remove --purge elasticsearch

But I was unable to install 7.8 since the archive is not found. 7.10.0 is fine but I want to use the previous version. Do you have suggestions how to install 7.8?

You can tell apt to install specific versions of a piece of software, you may want to consult the man page for apt.

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