elasticsearch-7.14.0-SNAPSHOT and 7.x branch depend on different versions of lucene

https://snapshots.elastic.co/maven/org/elasticsearch/elasticsearch/7.14.0-SNAPSHOT/elasticsearch-7.14.0-SNAPSHOT.pom depends on lucene 8.9.0-snapshot-ddc238e5df8, but 7.x branch of elasticsearch repository - on 8.8.2.
BTW, branch 7.x points to 8.8.2 and 8.9.0 in different places.

As far as I can tell the 7.x branch depends on 8.9.0-snapshot-ddc238e5df8 which is the same version as the POM to which you linked:

7.x points at 027fc4e55073b4a2e922737f94349de6689bdb0a at time of writing, the link above might not work in future but this one will:

I confirm, after updating they are the same.

Just curios, can they use released version on lucene 8.9.0?

When Elasticsearch 7.14.0 is released it will be using a released version of Lucene (not a snapshot), although there's no guarantee which version that'll be ahead of time. As you've observed, it is currently being tested against a snapshot version of 8.9.0, which is definitely a step in the direction of using 8.9.0 for the release.

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