Elasticsearch 7.16.2 fails to start as service under windows server 2019


I've just downloaded Elasticsearch 7.16.2 and installed it as a service under Windows Server 2019. Previously I had 7.10.2. running without any issues.

If I'm trying to start the service, it fails with following error:

[2021-12-22 15:33:27] [info]  [ 3612] Starting service...
[2021-12-22 15:33:27] [error] [ 4972] CreateJavaVM Failed
[2021-12-22 15:33:27] [error] [ 4972] The system cannot find the file specified.
[2021-12-22 15:33:27] [error] [ 3612] Failed to start Java
[2021-12-22 15:33:27] [error] [ 3612] ServiceStart returned 4

I've tried the bundled JDK and OpenJDK 15.0.2, both produce the same result.

Whats going on? It is just the extracted zip file, no config changes or what so ever.


Tried to start the Elasticsearch.bat directly and getting follwing error:

Error: Could not find or load main class Files\elasticsearch-7.10.2\tmp
Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: Files\elasticsearch-7.10.2\tmp

SO somehow this is related to the previous 7.10.2 installation, but I've no idea how to get rid of that?

Double check your JAVA_HOME PATH. That may be causing issues.

Hi, of course I did that, that would be to easy! :slight_smile:

As mentioned, with newer versions this is no longer required. Without the path, the bundled JDK will be used. Also, JAVA_HOME is no longer supported, instead it has to be ES_JAVA_HOME.

Yes. Sorry, was writing on my mobile and just thought of a quick suggestion. Once I get back let me try this out at home.

No problem. I think it has todo something with the previous installed 7.10.2 version, which put something somwhere into a temp folder I'm now trying to locate...

Ok, I got it. The system had a System Variable ES_TMP_DIR set, which pointed to the 7.10.2 installation and 7.16.2 didn't like that. After removing the service, removing the variable and re-installaing the service, it is now finally running (just removing the variable didn't help).

That's great!

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