Elasticsearch 7.2.0 MSI installer - Bundled Java cannot be deployed

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We are in the midst of deploying a new Elasticsearch instance on different workstations on VMs and noticed that, even though the documentation mentions that the installer is bundled with a OpenJDK package (see https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/7.2/windows.html), it is impossible through the MSI to deploy a Elasticsearch instance on a machine that does not have a valid Java installation.

This seems like a chicken and the egg problem where the installer "could" deploy a Java VM with the installer (and it does have the JDK in its files), but a check is done as the prerequisite to ensure Java is already deployed.

Is this intended, is there a workaround or simply a remaining bug from when no bundled JVM was available inside the MSI package?

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