Elasticsearch 7 // Log4j configuration SocketAppender


I'm using Elasticsearch 7.17 under basic licence with the security features.
Since Elasticsearch does not support syslog appender on log4j anymore (still the case ?), i'm trying to use SocketAppender but it seems that this does not work either

On the documentation page, it says that we can modify the configuration but highly recommended to not do that and I have a few questions :

  1. Is there a reason for Elastic to recommend to not change the configuration provided ?
  2. Does the support for syslog appender will be back ?
  3. Does Elasticsearch support SocketAppender ?
  4. Does Elasticsearch support different log4j file extension like .xml ? I think not on this one because the documentation says that the only file recognized for the log4j config is log4j2.properties
  5. Does someone else succeded in using SocketAppender with Elasticsearch7 ?

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