ElasticSearch 8: is there a "conf.d" folder to change settings without editing elasticsearch.yml?

I'd like to edit a few Elasticsearch 8 settings (for example: network.host), but I don't want to edit /etc/elasticsearch/elasticsearch.yml directly. What I'd like to do is to add my settings to my own file and put it in an hypothetical /etc/elasticsearch/conf.d folder, do be included automatically.

This approach is widespread with multiple other software I use (Nginx, Apache, MySQL, PHP just to name a few).

Elasticsearch already does what i need with /etc/elasticsearch/jvm.options.d, but that folder is just for the the JVM options, not for ES own settings.

What am I missing here?

There's not, no.

You could raise a feature request for this sort of functionality though!

Also many cluster settings are dynamic meaning they can be set while the cluster is running via the API only static settings need to be put in the elasticsearch.yml

OK, thanks for letting me know! I'd gladly raise a feature request: where can I add it?

I saw the dynamic option, thanks, but due to ops needs, I'd still prefer to use a file.

This is the correct repo file as a feature request under issues.

Feature request created, thanks

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