Is there a docs page that covers all elasticsearch.yml options and defaults?

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Just as the title says, is there a docs page for Elasticsearch that lists out all of the settings you could configure in the elasticsearch.yml file, and their defaults?

I found it for Kibana ( and it was very helpful, however that same page for Elasticsearch doesn't cover the same types of info apparently.


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The fact that you could configure something doesn't mean you should configure it. Elasticsearch settings are documented in appropriate parts of the reference to make sure that users have enough background information before trying to change the settings. If you want to see the current effective settings for your nodes, cluster and indices the following 3 commands should provide you with complete information including default values. However, I would still strongly recommend reading the documentation and fully understanding what you are doing before updating the settings.

Cluster settings with their defaults:

GET _cluster/settings?include_defaults

Per index settings with their defaults:

GET _settings?include_defaults

Per node settings:

GET _nodes/settings

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Thanks, this is perfect.
I'm not planning on changing them, but I'm trying to create a build-out tool that will let me override options, and in order to do that I need to be able to create a 'base' build-out that explicitly specifies the defaults of items that I would want other people to be able to override.

So I will probably limit the options to things that are intended to be configured anyway.

But thanks again, this seems to be exactly what I was looking for.
It seems for certain values, if it is not configured, it just doesn't get set to ANY default (e.g. path.repo), for others, there is a static default value (, and for others there is a dynamic default value (

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