Is there way to get current/default value of config parameters?

(Vincent) #1

In elasticsearch, is there a way to get the current value for all config parameters? like show variabes in mysql.

The issue is, when I set a variable in elasticsearch.yml file I cannot retrieve the new value through api.

For example, I can set indices.breaker.fielddata.limit: 70% in elasticsearch.yml file. but when I do GET /_cluster/settings it doesn't show up.

In general, it makes users' life easier to know what config is in effect. Usually when a parameter doesn't show up in the settings or cluster settings api, I look up the default value online. But that's not retrievable from the app.

I'm using Elasticsearch 2.4.1. Much appreciated!

(Mark Walkom) #2

Not in 2.4 there isn't, that was added to 5.0.

(Vincent) #3

oh okay. that's another reason to upgrade to 5. Do you have a link to the documentation or release note on this in 5? what is the endpoint to get this?

Thank you!

(Mark Walkom) #4

_cluster/settings?include_defaults&pretty is what you need to call.
It's currently undocumented though, not sure why that is but I'll raise an issue to get that fixed :slight_smile:

(Vincent) #5

This is awesome. Thank you!

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