ElasticSearch analyzer for short strings

I am creating an ES application where it should be able to index and search
file content (pdf, word, txt, etc) and file names where it is possible for
any file to be indexed.

For the content I use the compact language detector to detect the language
of the content and assign it to its corresponding content field.

I have no issues with content, yet the problem is with file names. The
thing is that file names are short and they can be written in any language
making it hard to detect the language as CLD (or any language detector) do
not perform well with short strings.

Currently I have configured the following analyzer for file names:


Tested and it works fine most of the time. tried it with many latin
languages and it was able to get the result correctly most of the times.

The only times that it failed to get correct results is when the file name
had an acronym in it.

For example, when I search for WinSCP, the top result do not contain the
files whos names have WinSCP in them. What I get though are files with
names like Win32 for example.

I believe this is the work of the Word Delimiter token filter as its
probably splitting WinSCP into Win, S, C and P.

So what I am asking is, what is a good analyzer/filters combination for
short strings regardless of their language.

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