Elasticsearch and Client Version to choose

We are planning to implement elastic search for our project , need expert comment on the following

which elasticsearch version to choose ? is 7.3.1 stable ? or is it better to go to two level lower version, say 7.0.1 ?
which API to choose, TrasportClient Vs Rest High Level Client ? look like Rest High Level Client has performance issue ?
How marshelling work with Rest High Level Client ? How it maps to java object ?
Is it good to choose Spring data elastic search ? but it doen't have source include and source exclude ? we like Spring data elastic search because it avoid lot of boiler plat code. what version of elastic search is supported in Spring data elastic search ?

please help

I can answer a couple of your questions.

The latest version is stable and contains a lot of bug fixes and improvements that has been added since 7.0. I would always recommend going for the latest release.

The Transport client is being deprecated and will no longer be supported from Elasticsearch 8.0 onwards, so I would recommend using the High Level REST Client as it will make it a lot easier for you to upgrade down the line.

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