Spring data and elasticsearch (6+) release confusion

(Aviv Kotek) #1

Hi all!

My first post here so hopefully i'll be right on spot.

I'm new to ES and trying to integrate with a Spring Data for a production app,

as I prefer using Spring Data vs. ES Java API client (java high level rest), abit confused with the compatibility of the 3.0.X / 3.1.X versions. in https://github.com/spring-projects/spring-data-elasticsearch
it notes that there is a full support of ES 6 and above, but the 3.1.X versions of spring data are not found in maven repositories. and lower versions are not supported with ES 6.0 and above.

Which spring data version should I pick for ES 6.x ? should I stay with spring data or switch to client API to get support for ES 6.? Is there any stable version ? what are my alternatives?

I prefer staying with ES 6.x and above.

I'm writing directly via spring app to ES db.


(Thiago Souza) #2

This is a third-party project that we do not own or maintain, so we can't help you there.

You will have better luck by asking this in Spring Data related forums.