Compare Elasticsearch 2.2.0 vs Elasticsearch 1.5.2

Hi Friends,

As I am planning to use Spring Data Elasticsearch, I found that the Spring-data-elasticsearch (1.4.0.BUILD-SNAPSHOT) is compatible with elasticsearch 2.2. But I am not able to apply sparing-data-elasticsearch (1.4.0.BUILD-SNAPSHOT) , as maven is not able to download it. So, I am trying to explore the older versions of spring-data-elasticsearch with elasticsearch.

Therefore, please tell me the differences between Elasticsearch 2.2 vs Elasticsearch 1.5.2. I saw the release notes, but not able to figure out clearly. Please tell in simple words the difference between the two.

Thanks in advance...

In simple words? Lot of thing changed. :slight_smile:

Just update the elasticsearch dependency in the spring data project and you will see all the compiler issues you have to fix.

Thank you for your response.
As I mentioned earlier in the post that Spring-data-elasticsearch (1.4.0.BUILD-SNAPSHOT) is compatible with elasticsearch 2.2.0. How to update the elasticsearch dependency in a Maven project, as Maven is not able to download the artifact. Please suggest.

Also, please clarify me if I can use the latest version of Elasticsearch 2.2.0 with Spring-data-elasticsearch (1.4.0.BUILD-SNAPSHOT) , to develop my java, spring application to interact with Elasticsearch, or I need to go with older versions of elasticsearch and spring-data-elasticsearch.

Thanks in advance..

Prashanth or anyone from "rescue team" - How about ES 2.2.0 with spring-boot-starter-data-elasticsearch? Is there any version that works ES 2.2.0 ?
The current version of spring boot elasticsearch (1.3.3) gives the below exception. Do I need to downgrade my ES version?

[2016-03-08 02:15:36,438][WARN ][transport.netty ] [sushain-dev01] exception caught on transport layer [[id: 0x1cadc7af, / => /]], closing connection
java.lang.IllegalStateException: Message not fully read (request) for requestId [1], action [cluster/nodes/info], readerIndex [39] vs expected [57]; resetting

Clone the project and run

 mvn clean install 

Then you can use it in your project.