Integrate Elasticsearch in Spring Boot Application


I am new to Elasticsearch and I am trying to integrate the Elasticsearch SDK from my Spring boot application for the current version 7.5.2. Most of the references I got were all from previous versions of Elasticsearch. Can someone help me with finding proper documentation?


It's more a question to be asked on Spring forums I guess?

May be you are looking for this?

If you are not using Spring Data, then can you tell what is your problem exactly?

When using springboot with
elasticsearch, you need to be explicit with some transitive dependencies as SpringBoot declares a version 6.4...

Basically you can put this in your pom.xml:


See documentation here:

I have already looked into this documentation, and whatever I am trying I keep getting errors as many of the classes are removed from the current version. Thanks for your reply though, will keep digging into it.

May be if you share details that'd help?

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