Elasticsearch and Neo4j lucene incompatibility


I am developing a Question Answering application and for that I need to use neo4j and elasticsearch in the same maven project. I am using elasticsearch to make my application more robust.
As we know that neo4j and elasticsearch works on different version of lucene, so whichever version I include in dependency, it gives an error.

Here is what I am doing:
First elasticsearch will index the data and the data and relationships will be stored as graphdatabase using neo4j.
Then the user will input as a query, through which the data will be
retrieved with the help of indexes. This data will be trigerred in graphdatabase using trigger score which will be then propagated along the graphdatabase to find relevant results according to the user query.

Is there any way that I can integrate neo4j and elasticsearch in same maven project, or is there any other way through which these two modules can interact separately.The method that is given on http://neo4j.com/developer/elastic-search/ will not work for me since I am using the default java driver.