Elasticsearch and Snapshots?


I have very quick information about making snapshots at Elasticsearch.

The documentation is here:

However, I haven't found any information on which elasticseach nodes must be mapped with additional remote disk resource for snapshots?

Does this resource have to be available for absolutely all elasticsearch nodes?
Or only the data nodes can by used?
What is a typical configuration?

all masters and data nodes

what I have done is that mount xfs file system to all masters/data node

and then run a bash script to do snapshot every other day and remove week old snapshot

It is three step process
mount fs
register snapshot (elk knows where to save data, name etc..)
run actual backup (data gets backed up here)


Coordinate node doesn't need access to this storage?

No, only master- and data-nodes need access to the repository.

I just wrote a blog on how Snapshots work that you may find useful - note why the repeated mounts & registrations? I'd think you'd leave mounted and registered all the time. Be sure to prune and note new wildcard deletes in V7.8. Also why every other day, not every day or more often? Pretty nice process that lends itself to frequent backups:

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