Snapshot and restore

Hello all,

As per the documentation about registering a snapshot repository,

first, I am supposed to add following to elasticsearch.yml file. i understand that I can store backup on my network drive which would be the location here.

    - "E:\\Mount\\Backups"                      
    - "\\\\MY_SERVER\\Mount\\Long_term_backups" 

But I have a three node cluster. I am not sure if I am supposed to add this to all three elasticsearch.yml (for each node) files. can anyone please clear this confusion?

Thank you in advance!

What is the confusion? According to the same documentation page:

To register a shared file system repository, first mount the file system to the same location on all master and data nodes. Then add the file system’s path or parent directory to the path.repo setting in elasticsearch.yml for each master and data node. For running clusters, this requires a rolling restart of each node.

You need to add the shared filesystem in each node of your cluster.

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Hi @leandrojmp, I noticed that later. but could not delete the post.

Thanks for the help!

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