Elasticsearch as cloud computing and data analytics


I am planning to start new project with following requirements:

  1. Cloud engine shall collect data from mobile apps
  2. Cloud engine shall provide some information based on mobile app request
  3. Cloud engine shall be scalable.
  4. It shall perform data analytics.

So I thought of using Elasticserach as cloud engine plus data analytics since we can mange data in Elasticserach.

Could some one provide inputs whether this is a good option?


Not sure what a "Cloud Engine" is seems to be a google term. but it could be. The devil is in the detail of your requirements

  1. Collecting of data would be done by some other process, generally you do not want to write directly to Elasticsearch from the Wild of the internet. So some type of collector, (webserver, with php, java which write logs or "Proxies" the request to Elastic would be highly recommended

  2. don't know what that means but sure once the data is in elastic search, you can query it with Zeppelin or Kibana

  3. Yes very scalable,

  4. If you can write the search you can display data in all kinds of ways. Kibana provides a good Generic and semi detailed view, but True analytics usually need to processed and munged spark/storm/hadoop, Which Elastic does interface to.

I would recommend you contact Elastic Sales rep and have a conversation with their Sales engineer. It is too difficult to give you an opinion based on such general details but I gave you some basic thoughts

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