Elasticsearch - authorization / certificates and change of IP [?]

If I have generated the certificates and set the specified addressing on the Elasticsearch nodes after the change of IP addressing will the certificates and authorization work without problems?

Certificates were generated on hostnames assigned to specific IP addresses (local: /etc/hosts - eg. via post: https://www.elastic.co/blog/configuring-ssl-tls-and-https-to-secure-elasticsearch-kibana-beats-and-logstash)

Additional question to relation to the topic: Change of addressing of the entire Elasticsearch cluster

It depends on exactly how your system is configured. If you are fully validating the certificates and the certificates won't be valid after your changes then you will need new certificates. However if for instance you are accessing nodes by hostname, the certificates are attached to the nodes' hostnames and the hostnames aren't changing then this should still be fine.

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