Elasticsearch automatic reindex


I am using a pipeline with Filebeat / Logstash / Elasticsearch / Kibana version 8 to deal with logs.

One of the field is a nano second timestamp.
Long story, I can't send it as a 'date_nanos', so, what I'm doing instead is I send it as a string, and then, Elasticsearch know how to use it as a 'date'.

After that, I create a new index (copy paste the mapping), I change from 'date' to 'date_nanos' and I reindex what Logstash sent.

This is a really boring manual task incompatible with production, but this is all I can read "just reindex, just reindex, just reindex...".

So, how can I automate this? Is there a way from logstash to choose a mapping from Elasticsearch? Or maybe Elasticsearch can reindex automaticaly?

Thanks for your time and answers.

Why don't you specify an index template with the mapping so it applies for all new indices?


Yep, look at Index templates | Elasticsearch Guide [8.0] | Elastic

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I was not aware of this, well, it seems to suit perfectly, thanks for the information!

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