Reindexing after creating a new mapping

hi all,
In our elasticsearch dEV instance, the indexes are getting created like "appid-2018.01.02", "appid-2018.01.05 " ( format) - one index for each day's data.
In a few indexes, one of the field - logdate - is being taken as 'date' and in others the type of this field is being taken as 'text'. we would like to have this as 'text'.
I figured out that we need to define a new mapping template and recreate indexes.
I am trying the below steps., after creating a new template

  1. find out which of those idexes where logdate is of type date
  2. create a duplicate index using "POST _reindex " (e.g. for appid-2018.02.03, the duplicate index will be created as appid-new_2018.02.03)
  3. delete the old index (appid-2018.02.03)
  4. create a duplicate again using POST _reindex (appid-2018.02.03 will be created with appid-new
    -2018.02.03 as source)

This seem to work fine. the newly created index has the logdate as 'text' type.
But it is tedious to do this for all the indexes, one by one.

May i please know if there is any way that i can do this in a bulk . Say like all the indexes like "appid-2018*" should be reindexed after applying the new template.

using logstash 5.1.2

many thanks in advance !

there is no bulk-reindex I am sorry. Are you using the reindex API for this?

thanks for your response Simon,
ya, i used POST _reindex to create a duplicate index, then delete the existing index.
this process had to be repeated for every index that had the datatype as DATE for the logdate field.

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